Jaco Pastorius - Modern Electric Bass

Jazz great Pastorius instructs, does solo performance work, exclusive interviews, performance footage with Jeremy Jemmott, John Scofield and Kenwood Dennard; also cutting edge special features.

Bass Lessons Billy Sheehan

Lee Riternour Festival Montreal 1991

01. Night Rhythms
02. 24th Street Blues
03. Solo Flute
04. Zephyr
05. Rio Sol
06. Etude
07. Uptown
08. Rio Funk

Lee Ritenour (Guitars); David Benoit (Keyboards); Don Grusin (Keyboards); Ernie Watts (Sax); Abraham Laboriel (Bass); Gary Novak (Drums); Dave Valentin (Flautas).

Marcus Miller Band Live in Korea at Jazz Festival in Seoul 2004.

Some fabulous grooves from one of the great bass groove masters!
The songs played here are certainly going to make you want to dance.

Dean Brown : Guitar
Poogie Bell : Drums
Bruce Flowers : Keyboards
Roger Byam : Saxophones
Michael "Patches" Stewart : Trumpet

Track Listing :

1.Run For Cover
2.Moonlight Sonata
6.Don't Give Up (Featuring Take 6)


Modern Drummer Festival

Modern Drummer Festival - Sunday Hilary Jones & Vinnie Colaiuta

Hilary Jones (Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin, Robben Ford), a drummer of incredible depth range, plays a beautiful solo piece, performs with an exciting rhythm track, and talks about playing with a linear approach.

Vinnie Colaiuta and Band: Vinnie is truly a drummer's drummer and a musician with unsurpassed creativity, imagination and technique. For Modern Drummer Festival 2000, he brought a group with him of some of the finest players in the country: David Garfield, Michael Landau and Neil Stubenhaus. They perform three songs that feature the unique playing of a truly legendary musician


Victor Wooten and Carter Beauford - Making Music

Wooten and Beauford, two of the most creative contemporary jazz musicians, have known each other since childhood. Victor's "Yin-Yang" album was the first project that they had ever done together. Hudson Music filmed two days of these incredible sessions, which featured the introduction, development and recording of several songs, also an additional shoot in a New York City recrding studio, where they discuss their approaches to music, and lots more.

Victor Wooten Steven Bailey Bass Extremes

This program features two of the world's most outstanding bass players, Victor Bailey and Victor Wooten. The veteran musicians share their years of experience with students of the bass, on subjects ranging from techniques to arrangements to styles. They demonstrate styles including blues, rock, jazz, country, new age, and heavy metal. Tunes from different genres are performed, so that the at-home student can play along. Bailey and Wooten also discuss how to best showcase the unique sounds of the bass when it is used as a solo instrument, or when it accompanies other instruments.

Thomas Lang - Creative Controll 01

Video Jaco Pastorius Live in Montreal 1982

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